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Helping Hands

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Seattle, King County, is our home. Its people are our people, and it's hurting. You and your organization have the ability to lift up humans through your words and actions, which in turn lifts up the community, and its needed now more than ever. When we raise our consciousness, society as a whole raises its consciousness.  Schedule time with your speaker, Kristine Moreland to come to talk to you and your peers and learn to directly inspire our community and its people! 


  • Corporate social responsibility is a business model by which companies make a concerted effort to operate in ways that enhance rather than degrade society and the environment

  • CSR helps both improve various aspects of society as well as promote a positive brand image of companies.

  • Corporate responsibility programs are also a great way to raise morale in the workplace

  • CSRs are often broken into four categories: environmental impacts, ethical responsibility, philanthropic endeavors, and financial responsibilities.

Your Speaker

Kristine Moreland is a Seattle native with over 16 years of volunteer outreach experience. Kristine owned and operated her own non-profit, The MoreLove Project, now The More We Love. The MoreLove Project was responsible for Seattle's first Shower Truck with the Union Gospel Mission,  

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