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Introducing Constant

Why? Existing solutions address recovery needs with systems, programs, and processes for their clients who are receiving care. What these solutions don’t address are the many things that make up a whole, meaningful recovery outside of their system. Whole recovery requires constancy throughout the entire process. Constant support is the key to a successful recovery, addressing the critical recovery factors not provided by any existing services: accountability, core growth, safe/monitored transitions, entrance & exit strategies with a 10:1 accountability team, life project platform, etc., to regain identity and reconnect with all the things that make them who they are. 


Constant is our holistic approach to addiction and recovery that focuses on the individual, providing accountability, and meaningful support through the entire recovery journey. It starts with understanding the person, their likes and dislikes, what makes them whole, their talents, and creating a holistic plan starting with detox and ending with ongoing support (resources and steps vary depending on the Partner). We assist the Partner and family in building a recovery journey, support them in transitions, create accountability and a stable foundation for a full life without drugs and alcohol. The support comes from Constant Companions (also known as Universal Advocates) and Constant Circle. We build all-inclusive exit strategies based on their assessments which connects them to things in their lives they are familiar with: activities, hobbies, diet, exercise, spirituality, etc. Constant focuses on creating strong foundations from which to operate, building/rebuilding confidence, giving them something to live for besides drugs, and loving on them until they can love themselves.



Constant Companions

Constant Companions are the constant, universal advocates in the partners’ lives who provide ongoing connection, support, accountability, and who are a source of strength. The Constant Companions will be the last face they see when embarking on their in-patient journey and the first face they see when they return. It’s the Companion’s job to quarterback the playbook and hold their Partner to a high standard of recovery. The Constant inspires change and promotes adherence to the plan and goals laid out for their Partner. A busy, active, and motivated mind is a healing mind in this world; this is the gift the Constant Companion gives their Partner.  




Constant Circle

Constant Circle, or 10:1, is based on the idea that the Circle is strong and represents wholeness. Constant Circle wraps the Partner in familiarity, accountability, and resources. Circle is a people-based ecosystem that allows the Partner to grow at their own pace and provides a safe and familiar array of resources that are needed in early recovery. Circle does not enable or “do it for them”. Recovery is and will always be up to the Partner. Each member of Constant Circle has a unique offering to bring to the equation; each Circle is different depending on the Partner. Skills range from diet expertise to arts/music, physical activity to addiction/recovery, and life and relationship skills.




Core represents just that - the core of the individual. In active addiction, we disconnect from the things that once made us whole. We forget why we did them and sometimes how we did them. These things return quickly when influenced by positive reinforcement. Core allows the Partner to communicate to us who they are and who they want to be, which allows us to then create an exit strategy consisting of activities and growth goals. Idle time is the enemy in early recovery, Core is the solution. Core empowers the Partner to take ownership of their recovery process in a way that is familiar and meaningful.

How To Engage

Call or email for a complimentary assessment of your needs. 


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